In between chair

Kombinasjonen av moderne industri sammen med tradisjonelt håndverk, gjør at denne stolen til en kommende klassiker d. The interplay between positive and negative space is central to in Between , Sami Kallio? Its back and side panels provide? In between stol fra tradition, er designet av Sami Kallio. Ved bestilling av flere stoler tilkommer frakt per kolli.

Pris for møbelfrakt vil bl. There is the wood turning, a classic technique using a lathe for greater detail. Compression molding is also applie allowing . En designklassiker i sort! Chair with armrests designed by Sami Kallio , born in Finland and raised in Sweden.

The crescent shaped back provides great support with an armrest. Buy on Mohd Shop to get exclusive deals online. In Between Chair is a contemporary design classic by Sami Kallio. The name perfectly explains the premise of the chair.

This Finnish company works with a stable of international tal. Traditional techniques, such as compression moulding and. A collaboration between the Danish masters of design and Sami Kallio. Ryggstödet tillsammans med sidopanelerna ger en tydlig form och ett bra stöd.

Finns både med och utan fast . Naast het houtwerk zorgen o. Stolen er fremstillet i ege finér og er utrolig let, både i designet og i vægt. A perfect dining chair, comfortable and well designed. Due to its simple design it will also look the part in other areas of the home or office. Made from natural solid and formed wood an. Available in three different wood finishes and seven different upholstered seat cushions.

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